On 25 September, 19 selected start-up teams kicked off the Accelerator program with a 2-day boot camp in Delft. After two intensive training days, with lectures, practical work and peer-2-peer presentations, up to 10 teams were selected by an expert jury to enter stage 1: Fundamentals training.

During this initial stage we help start-up’s to further analyse their market, look in-depth at their business model and learn them how to make money to start the first customer experience. Start-ups receive a funding of 10,000 in the Fundamentals training.

We love to welcome the following teams to Stage 1:

  1. 72P –Turns argicultural by-products into beautiful, sustainable materials and products.
  2. Connected Worlds – Consultancy and technology provider for smart city solutions focused on air quality and noise problems.
  3. Fungalogic – Fungalogic uses fungi to turn a variety of natural waste streams into prefabricated, insulating façade and structural panels for the building industry.
  4. HybridVisie – HybridVisie helps to incorporate the renewable power generation to effectively power DC loads to be the frontrunner in the race towards energy neutrality.
  5. JP Motorcycles – Makes the ultimate inter-urban mobility solution, the electric motorcycle.
  6. Maana Electric – Using space technology, Maana is able to manufacture solar panels at 1/5th of current manufacturing costs and without producing any CO2.
  7. Plant Meat Makers – The next generation meat analogues, a tasty, sustainable, nutritious alternative for meat.
  8. Strategic Water – Provides machine-learning-as-a-service for water and environmental sanitation technologies enabling increased performance and decreased emissions.
  9. The Girl and the Machine – A fashion brand that offers custom made 3D printed knitwear.
  10. Weendle – Processing of low-quality organic waste into protein rich and high-quality poultry feed by breeding black soldier fly larvae.

Climate-KIC Accelerator
Would you like to be part of the next boot camp?

  • Do you have a breakthrough idea related to new technology with substantial climate impact?
  • Is your motivation to achieve global success?
  • Do you have a co-founder in your team?
  • Are you available for all training session of the Accelerator Programme?

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