Senfal is proud to announce that as of today the Swedish energy concern Vattenfall has acquired the company. An existing cooperation between Senfal and Vattenfall, offering Senfal services to Vattenfall’s client base, has now been extended to this new deal, aimed at accelerating the commercial roll-out of Senfal services. Vattenfall has bought 100 percent of the shares of the Dutch energy software services company.

Partnering with Vattenfall provides Senfal many new opportunities, while still being able to independently service our existing and new clients. With the acquisition of Senfal, Vattenfall adds new services for large industrial customers, wind and solar farms as well as battery owners, aiming at unlocking substantial value from flexibility.

“The partnership with Vattenfall enables Senfal to scale our technology to a very large customer base, thereby creating the desired impact. This is a very logical next step for our company,” says Sander ten Kate, managing director of Senfal. ”We will continue on our path to independently service our current and future customers”.

Read the full press release here.

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