First production location for start-up PeelPioneers

Climate-KIC start-up PeelPioneers – who turns citrus peel waste into valuable resources – has opened the first production location in Son on 29th of November 2018. Every day, 40,000 kilos of citrus peelings are processed into useful raw materials.

The construction of an innovative processing line for citrus peelings was completed on 29th of November, and it was immediately put into operation by PeelPioneers. The company started in 2017 as a start-up with the idea to process citrus peelings into secondary raw materials. Meanwhile, the company has grown to scale-up, and has raised an investment in early 2018. This money has been used for the construction of the processing line. PeelPioneers joined the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme in 2017.

After the start of PeelPioneers in 2017 by Sytze van Stempvoort, Bas van Wieringen and Lindy Hensen, things went very fast. Within one year the company went from the first idea to the test setup in Rotterdam to the processing line in Son.

The production location is located in Son at Renewi (formerly van Gansewinkel), where 40,000 kilos of citrus peels are processed into essential oils and citrus pulp. The oils are sold to the industry that they use as flavors for dairy, soft drinks, biscuits and chocolate, but also for soap and cleaning products. The pulp is sold as a high-quality supplementary feed for livestock. With this, the company is the first in the world to offer its own say, a hundred percent structural and sustainable solution for citrus peelings.

Waste-to-product company Renewi has joined PeelPioneers as a partner. Renewi provides the logistics side of the 100% circular solution: collection at the customer and transport to the production site in Son. Retailer Jumbo is the first company to have the remaining citrus peels delivered by Renewi to PeelPioneers.

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