Graduation day for Stage 1 Group 19.1.

Ten innovative start-up teams finished Stage 1 of the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme on June 13.

This initial stage gives the startups a clear vision on how to create the highest value with limited resources. There was a wide variety of innovations in this group from a rental service for designer clothes to textile that produces water from air, and from hardware to monitor food waste to sustainable heating and many more great business plans.
The teams successfully completed the program with a final pitch presentation during Graduation Day in front of an independent jury.

Read the full story of all teams:

Buurtmus: Supports consumers and small businesses with sending and returning parcels directly from home in an environmentally friendly manner.

Corekees: Enables anyone to participate in the quadruple-green “Pongamia” tree. Tree-buyers make themselves climate neutral and profit from the oil and protein the trees produce.

De Warmte: A new, sustainable solution for heating houses. It provide up to 30% of the total heat required including all heat required for hot tap water.

Staenis: Developed the Staenis Grid, to level your floor. The grid can be filled with ecological fillers and it’s possible to reuse all the products again.

Zero Food Waste: Developed the world’s first fully automated food waste monitor. The waste bin is equipped with a scale and a smart camera.

Masterpiece: A rental service for designer clothes. Customers can rent single pieces on a one-time-basis or subscribe for a fixed number of pieces per month.

Hoody: A local online marketplace with a sustainable delivery service.

Sponsh: Developed a temperature-sensitive smart textile that produces water from air.

Corewood: produces boards  made from waste materials like coconut husk. The material is a 100% natural alternative for other boards such as MDF.

Heatbox: A self-heating lunchbox that can heat up your meals without the need of an external power source.

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