Meet the new teams!

Our call for innovative startups has reached many people. We have received many registrations from sustainable entrepreneurs. After drawing up a shortlist we invited the teams for a 2-day boot camp. The bootcamp took place on 11 and 12 February.

The bootcamp ended with a pitch round, in which all teams had to present themselves for a review board. After an intensive jury discussion, the final selection was announced. We welcome 9 new start-up teams into stage 1 of the Accelerator program. We encourage these teams to accelerate their business in the coming months. Climate-KIC supports the teams with funding and coaching. The grant in stage 1 is €10,000.

We are happy to welcome the following teams in stage 1:

  • Bright Energy: developed plug-and-play mobile battery containers to enable access to green energy, everywhere.
  • Ecocoin: developed a sustainable currency for planet Earth. ECO coins are earned through sustainable actions.
  • Grown Bio: creates design products made of mycelium and agricultural waste. Natural products that are safe and sustainable.
  • MaGie Creations:  realises scalable upcycling of Brewer’s Spent Grain and processing it into power flour, a new nutritious, healthy and valuable ingredient for the food industry.
  • ReefSystems: provides solutions that enable maritime construction companies to have a positive environmental impact with their construction projects.
  • PreMal: developed a high performance mosquito trapping solution. It attracts mosquitoes using a highly attractive synthetic odour and other human characteristics.
  • Thermeleon: provides a vertical screen system for greenhouses with integrated thermal energy storage. It will absorb the excess energy, and can release it when there is a high energy demand. 
  • UmaMeats: makes healthy and sustainable food accessible for everyone. A seaweed enriched ground meat product.
  • Sanuara: A shower heat exchanger that reuses the heat without the water being recycled.
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