Our program

The EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator program is a real-world business school for entrepreneurs. It offers a rapid development of an idea for maximum climate impact. In three stages, our 18-month program brings you the knowledge, resources, tools and the coaching you need to build a succesfull company.
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Up to €65,000 in grants

No equity taken.
  • Stage 1: €10,000
  • Stage 2: €15,000
  • Stage 3: €40,000
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Up to €50,000 in education

We teach you the skills to excell.
  • Coaching
  • Expert training
  • Masterclasses
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A global network for support

We connect you with the relevant players.
  • Find customers
  • Meet investors
  • 500+ alumni
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Stage 1: Fundamentals (3 months)

During the initial stage we help you to focus on your customer. Analyse the market, learn how to make money, how to scale your business and start with the first customer experience. Fundamentals gives you a clear vision on how to create the highest value with limited resources. Stage 1 consists of a 2-day boot camp and 6-8 sessions filled with workshops, peer-2-peer sessions and start-up stories. This stage comes with a grant of €10,000. 

Stage 2: Validation (6 months)

In the second stage of the program we encourage you to go out of the building and talk to customers to find out if you are solving real customer problems.

We provide you with skills and tools to conduct good interviews, to see through all the false positives and to build your business on real insights. After Validation you’ll be better able to choose your markets and grow by addressing real customer needs. Stage 2 takes about 6 months. We kick off with a 2-day boot camp which is followed up by monthly meetings with interactive workshops and peer-2-peer sessions. The grant in stage 2 is €15,000.

Stage 3: Delivery (9 months)

In this final stage, you use insights from the previous stages to develop a full-grown business plan in which all foreseeable failure factors are fixed. You are ready to pitch your business case to investors and launch it to your customers. Delivery helps you find the partners that enable you to grow fast.

Apart from intensive 1-on-1 coaching, we offer workshops on valuation, investor strategy, financial structuring, deal making and strategic partnering.

Stage 3 takes about 9 months and comes with a grant of € 40,000.


  • Your business has substantial climate impact

  • You have a co-founder (with at least 10% shares)

  • If your startup has a Legal Entity, it’s less than 5 years old

  • You are ready to start selling your product or service within 9 months

  • You and your co-founder are available for all training sessions during the Accelerator Programme including the bootcamp


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