Solease receives a 3 million euro investment from New York

An investment fund managed by New York-based investment manager Arosa Capital Management (“Arosa”) invests € 3 million in solar lease provider Solease.

The capital is for further upscaling of the company. A few weeks ago, Solease raised 2 million euros via a crowdfunding campaign for the financing of solar power systems. So far, investors, regional energy funds and crowdfunders have invested 17 million euros in Solease.

Solease, founded in 2011, leases solar panels to homeowners and companies through a full-service concept. The advantage is that you do not have to make a large one-off investment, but pay a fixed amount every month.

With the Arosa investment, Solease can further expand its team and operational capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand from Dutch home owners and companies for lease panels. In this way, those who are unable or unwilling to invest in solar energy get the opportunity to participate in the energy transition.

Roderick van Wisselingh, co-founder and CFO at Solease says: “we are delighted with the investment of Arosa, which makes its first direct investment in a private company in Europe.”

Arosa brings a wealth of experience in financing energy companies in America.”, continues van Wisselingh. “This knowledge and experience from America is very valuable. This is because Solease aims to provide 150,000 customers with solar panels in the next 5 years and thus invest € 1 billion in the Dutch energy transition. For this we also need banks, pension funds, insurers and other large long-term investors. We need to think big, act quickly and work well together. In addition, we also see good opportunities to expand our offer with other sustainable solutions, such as a heat pump and a home battery, and to go abroad with our partners.”

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