JuuNoo, the specialist in circular wall systems raised 1.5 million euros.

“It’s weird to say, but we’re busier than before the coronavirus broke out. We handle all important non-urgent matters, ‘says Chris Van de Voorde, founder of JuuNoo. The six employees roll out an ERP system, build a new website and follow internal training courses. “We are now working on our company, instead of for the company.”

The installation of the 100 percent circular walls is up to seven times faster than the classic systems. The structure has been approved by the construction industry giants Gyproc and Unilin, the acoustics by the engineering firm Daidalos Peutz.

Sustainable and cheap

It is cheaper for contractors to reuse the sustainable walls than to demolish them and build a new one. “Every year, 1.8 billion euros in steel profiles and wooden planks are thrown away,” says Van de Voorde. When the customer no longer needs the walls, JuuNoo buys them back.

Partly thanks to the investment, Van de Voorde keeps his staff working. He even has a vacancy. ‘The crisis allows us to scale the operational level. And hopefully we can focus on turnover growth again within the next quarter. ‘

The company now wants to conquer domestic and foreign offices as quickly as possible, but also beckons schools and retail spaces.

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