Start-up Solease secures €2 million crowdfunding

Within 8 minutes Climate-KIC start-up Solease raised 1 million euros and only 6 hours later they achieved the target amount of € 2,000,000. The amount will be used to provide more than 450 homes with rental solar panels.

Solease leases solar panels to private homeowners and businesses. The company works with various regional energy funds to make private homes more sustainable in the relevant provinces. The funds already provided eight million euros for this. Due to the rapid growth of Solease this is not enough and therefore Solease has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the fourth time.

The demand for solar panels is increasing. Pierre Vermeulen, CEO and founder of Solease, is convinced that this is because people are preparing for the future. “More than half a million Dutch families have switched to solar energy. That is impact. A lot of impact! But we also have to be real: more than 6 million private roofs are empty. That requires action, “Vermeulen said. Solease does not exclude the expansion of its product range. “We are orienting ourselves to be able to offer other sustainable alternatives in the future, such as heat pumps,” says Vermeulen. Solease also hopes to sell its proposition abroad in the future.

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