Same day delivery service Trunkrs received an investment sum of 3.5 million euros. Climate-KIC Alumni Trunkrs uses the money to make the delivery process more sustainable. 

The investment comes from existing shareholders and the Amsterdam Climate & Energy Fund (AKEF). Trunkrs, which offers same-day delivery to webshops, is investing in the electrification of the distribution and distribution centers. In addition, the company adapts the logistics process and routes to the range of the electric delivery vehicles.

AKEF mainly supports the company with the condition that Trunkrs will carry out all deliveries in Amsterdam electrically. In the first half of 2020, the region must be fully connected to the electrical network.

New location Nieuwegein

Trunkrs recently moved to a new location in Nieuwegein. The same day delivery service uses the distribution center of nox NightTime Express Netherlands, a location that was already set up for fast parcel processing. The same day delivery service says it has 300 percent more processing capacity there.

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