Two large capital injections for start-up Physee

In May this year, a consortium of Dutch real-estate industry leaders invested 1.5 million euros in Physee to accelerate development and sales of the transparant smart building facede solutions. This week Physee received a European subsidy of almost 2 million euros to further improve the efficiency of its energy windows.

Physee, established in 2014 by Willem Kesteloo and Ferdinand Grapperhaus, developed the PowerWindow and the SmartWindow. The PowerWindow has solar cells in the window frame to convert part of the light into electricity. With the SmartWindow the glass is equipped with sensors for temperature, light, pressure and air quality. The innovative Windows can be used in offices and homes.

The European subsidy was rewarded to 65 SME’s with an innovation project demonstrating promising potential and who position their intentions on strengthening innovation capacity as well as increasing value within their market and into society. This funding will be focused on financing R&D as well as scaling up operations within the business. Read more.

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